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Matherly was quick to point out that the company is not specifically focused on webcams."Shodan wants to provide a complete view of the Internet which includes control systems, printers, servers, databases, tea kettles and of course webcams," he wrote.Những năm thập niên 90, Trương Văn Từ được coi là Hoa đán đài , là biểu tượng gợi cảm của điện ảnh Hong Kong.

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Or perhaps you're into a specific street corner in Guangzhou China? Full access to over 1,000 webcams — Of course, tech-savvy spies have always been able to tap into unsecured webcams or hack into poorly protected devices, but the new feature on Shodan makes it easier than ever for anyone to browse a library of webcams that have not been password protected.

Shodan's home page touts the service as "the search engine for power plants, refrigerators and webcams," among other things.

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