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As I’ve warned on Fox News and Charles Krauthammer described — eloquently — in The Washington Post, today’s Iranians, with their Persian heritage, are on the march as surely as were the armies of Xerxes 2,500 years ago.Iran has established hegemony over western Afghanistan. If the Assad regime survives — which it probably will — Syria, too, will pay tribute to the reborn Persian empire.German linguist August Schleicher reconstructed its vocabulary back in 1868. So he created a fable called “The Sheep and the Horses.” Over the years, as more information has been unearthed about the Bronze Age cultures who spoke this language, the fable has been updated. Of course, scholars argue over what PIE actually sounded like. The period was marked by lengthy wars with the Ottomans and opulent buildings, many of them religious, as the Shia form of Islam was cemented in the country.By the 19th century, European influence was beginning to be felt strongly, exacerbated after the discovery of oil in the early 1900s.The Soviet regime to some extent “needed” culture, but also needed to contain it.

Expecting others would find it odd that he is both a scientist and very religious (a suspicion his co-workers later confirmed), Vaziri decides to put on a false accent to sound "fresh off the boat" and thus make his religious devotion seem like an irrelevant byproduct of his heritage.Hindi, Bengali, Persian, English, German, Spanish, and Greek, all come from the same root, known as Proto-Indo-European (PIE).In total, 400 languages and dialects originate from PIE.Since then, a surprising detente has taken place between the US and Iran, with an end to economic sanctions and a groundbreaking treaty over Iran’s nuclear programme recently struck.Relations between Iran and a number of other Western powers have also begun to normalise, giving hope that the country can regain its status on the world stage. • Neckties were banned in Iran in 1979 after the Islamic revolution.