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"I was single myself for a long time and I was sick of Tinder and all types of Irish dating really.Last January I decided to try everything and I realised quickly that for most things I needed a 'wing-woman'," she told

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College students are also catered for at a student-friendly rate.Disappointingly only 1 male I met at these 2 dinners was from my local area chosen, & I really did not have anything in common with any, so I don't know how much 'matching' is involved!!I also heard there is a shortage of men so they have abundant dinner. I contacted Margaret to express my concerns, she replied saying it was difficult to find appropriate 'matches' available.WELCOME TO MEASUREDUP We are the online leader in resolving customer complaints.* Customers use Measured Up to get replies from Businesses * Thousands of Businesses across the country are partnered with us * Businesses of all sizes follow Measured Up everyday to reply directly to your review * Partner Businesses are alerted each time a new complaint, question or review is submitted Put Measured Up to work for you free and get answers directly from a Business I usually don't write reviews but I felt compelled to write something about Table for Six.