Ps2 san andreas dating tips

Design, layout and all images are Copyright of Vendetta, Psy and GTA-San Please read our Terms And Conditions, Privacy Policy for more information.If you're still on 56k you should be shot though :).Use the small radar shown on each screenshot, as well as their marked location on the map to help you pinpoint the position of the oysters.

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If you wrote down your percentages after every single objective (as I did) you'll notice the percentage jumps from 0.53% for one objective to 0.54% for the next. What is programmed is that you receive 0.534759358% per objective which is then rounded up or down to two decimal places.

Clicking on a number on the image will pop up with a screenshot of the location in order to help you find the exact location.

Please excuse the wait while the file loads, due to the quality of the image the size is in the region of 400kb which may take a minute or so on 56k.

Every other item was exactly where you said it was.

For those having trouble, remember that in some instances, there are other buildings that look exactly like the ones shown in the pictures, maybe you are looking in wrong place.