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The father was apparently tipped off to his daughter’s online chats through an app he was using called Family Time, which enabled him to monitor her cell phone. Later that day, he saw messages indicating Gibson was meeting his daughter at the family’s house that night.

Our recommendation is that you become intentional about that and implement a specific plan designed to set up a hedge around your daughter's innocence.The Kaiser Family Foundation tells us that 70 percent of teenage Internet users have accidentally encountered pornography on the Web, and that half of those kids said they were very upset by the experience.We've all heard horror stories about teens and pre-teens being abducted and raped by sexual predators whom they met online.I'm really not comfortable doing this,' she says as she covers her eyes.The conclusion of the video sees the dads, some clearly shaken by what they have learned alternately ban the use of certain emojis and another solemnly says to his girl: 'Let's have a chat right after this'.