Livechat free credits

Web chat is currently up and running for tax credit help, Monday to Friday 8 -10 pm and Saturday 8 – 8pm and Sunday 8 – 4pm – longer opening hours than the telephone helpline.

We understand that the hours may be extended as the 31st July renewals deadline approaches.

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Die Nutzerfreundlichkeit in Online-Shops steht und fällt mit der Beratung und dem Service.

Occasionally you may be told that there are no available advisers and to try again later, but our limited testing to date shows that this is quite rare so hopefully your query will be dealt with more quickly than using the telephone helpline.

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It's worth noting that unlike other providers in this space, Live Chat bills you per concurrent user.

That means one seat can be used by multiple agents, which is particularly advantageous if your team works in shifts.