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Heat flow moves energy from a higher temperature to a lower temperature.The bigger the difference in temperature between two objects, the faster heat flows between them.Attention all HEAT Dancer Alumnae, we’re looking for you!

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Even if you find it heavy to carry, take it with you but only fill it half full.

Juices are fine in moderation, and while a little sugar is good for your energy level, be cautious about over-doing juices and sodas because they do contain high levels of sugar. Even if your good genes have never given you any reason to worry about skin cancer, there is incredible discomfort that comes with a bad sunburn.

More significantly, mantle convection alters how heat is transported within the Earth, invalidating Kelvin's assumption of purely conductive cooling.

Cross section of the Earth showing its main divisions and their approximate contributions to Earth's total internal heat flow to the surface, and the dominant heat transport mechanisms within the Earth.