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Around the world, forgers have become adept at faking modern carvings to make them look old.Conservationists argued that sales on auction sites like e Bay created a market that encouraged the forgers - and the poachers who kill elephants to meet the demand.She was found not guilty at Winchester Crown Court last week.The technique - radio carbon dating - is set to become an important weapon in the international fight against the illegal trade in animal parts and products that some suggest is worth billions of pounds a year.

He then teamed up with other experts from the university to investigate the mummy's past, since its gender and story were a complete mystery.Almost as astounding was the presence of a complete set of clothes and a variety of gear.In the ensuing excitement over the discovery, the press and researchers offered many speculations about the ancient man.Watch the video below to see how the team worked together.Easly on, Janet Davey, a forensic Egyptologist from Monash University, concluded that the mummy was female, after studying the bone structure imaged by the CT scanner.