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But over the past decade – under the weight of 2.3 million trampling visitors’ feet every year – it has fallen into woeful neglect and is in urgent need of restoration.This was amply demonstrated in 2010 with the collapse of the site’s House of the Gladiators.“We’re stunned when walls fall down,” said Andrea Carandini, a world-renowned archaeologist, at the time.The Unesco World Heritage site certainly needs careful restoration – and lots of money to fund it.The €105m was intended to be spent on a high-tech, underground drainage system, complete with scanners to detect problem areas (many of the recent collapses have been blamed on heavy rainfall) as well as the restoration and re-opening of key parts of the site.In 1956 there were 64 individual structures in Pompeii open to the public; today no more than five are accessible at any one time.

Last week, investigators announced a probe into suspected Mafia involvement in Pompeii restoration works undertaken as part of a €105m (£90m) project funded by the Italian Government and the European Union following decades of “neglect and mismanagement” at the site.

Granted, the heat on the beach can seem unbearable between 10am and 2pm each day, but hit the sand in the morning or afternoon and you can spend the rest of your day running errands or exploring different activities that Naples has to offer.

Because of Florida’s subtropical latitude, there are tons of hours in the day.

We have over 180 members and have been organized for over 4 years.

I have searched the Naples/Bonita Springs area for a club such as I describe and found a few but the ages of the participants were 75 on up.