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Practice articulating this information in a smooth and succinct way within the time parameters of the event.

Since speed networking is a two way process, it is important to listen carefully to each of your partners to make sure you understand their situation and so you can offer advice and help, whenever possible.

It’s the end of 2016, and the two most popular dating apps – Bumble and Tinder – have released some fun user information which gives us a glimpse into which type of people are most sought after on the dating apps.

First Tinder gave us info on the most right-swiped names of 2016.

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And if you feel like moving to a new city to up your dating odds, Bumble said that NYC, LA, London, Chicago and Toronto are the five most active cities.

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This means spell-checking, proofreading and using the correct tone in your emails.

Perhaps you spent painstaking hours crafting the perfect cover letter with just the right mix of professionalism and pizzaz — but you attach it to an email that misspells the hiring manager's name.